Saturday, August 2, 2014


"Hello, my name is Moteleola, a 21 year old producer from South London,and this is R&B singer Olivia-Louise new record, "The Today Lady", produced by myself/"

"The Today Lady" produced by Moteleola, is the new boom bap, R&B record asking who is making music in this day and age to empower women? to inspire women? and to appraise women? written and performed by Olivia-Louise from Chester UK.


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Thank you and I hope you enjoy our new music. Peace.


"Six months ago with an unused beat from Moteleola this whole journey begin. The beat had been kicking around and then a lightbulb went off above my head and for the last six months I've been piecing this whole thing together. Finally I'm able to give you the incredible Aretha Franklin sample driven beat tape featuring some of my favorite beat makers from the US and UK. Shouts to those talented dudes that helped bring the vision to life. Sit back, hit play and enjoy it. This is Aretha, The Beat Tape. Chea!" - ThroatChopU

Hope you enjoy our new music. Peace.


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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Over the last couple years, I've heard many different views on Poetry and Spoken Word coming out of Chicago.  From Views about poetry being commercialized to views about poetry sounding like propaganda. For every kind of entertainment and every kind of education there will always be the ye's and nay's trying to speak louder than the message intended.  One store owner on the South Side of Chicago has opened up her doors to Chicagos Poets and Spoken Word Artist. The Scentuary is located at 2154 E 71st Street in Chicago owned by a lovely woman named Robin, a Chicago community activist and a lover of beautiful scents.  Artist are invited to come out every first and last Friday of every month to share their poetry and spoken word and are encouraged to share the best part of them with this humble audience.  No need to fear judgement because all are welcome. No need to fear criticism because all are welcome and no need to fear embarrassment because all are welcome!  Not only is this a perfect place for artist to share their art but it's also the perfect venue for new artist to, as they say, pop their cherries. As a matter of fact the host of the event, Brotha Amir once stated at a show that it is one of his favorite parts of the event, seeing new artist muster up all the courage they can and give the audience everything they got for the very first ever.  This maybe the moment an artist decides whether or not to continue or try again and this I'm sure is a blessing in itself, to be a part of that moment. 

The Drunken Dead Podcast

One of the ill-est experiences I've had on radio or podcasting I should say! The Drunken Dead Podcast hosted by David, Rob and Wolfy is a show you have to listen to! Narrating the Walking Dead Comic Books whilst playing a drinking game and interviewing guests is one of the most original concepts for podcasting to date and it is genuinely funny! A must hear, this team of comic heads really bring the best version of what is going on in The Walking Dead Comic Books! With voice overs imitating actors, artist, politicians, wrestlers and more of today's hottest celebs they will make you bust a gut laughing! Subscribe and download episodes via iTunes or listen here > on buzz sprout!

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Episode 15 Hosted by Dave and Rob Special guest appearance by P1 and eMvi :) that's me! And I can't wait to get invited back!